GPS Monitoring Systems

For years, the legal system has monitored offending criminals and defendants using electronic monitoring equipment. Most come in the form of an ankle bracelet, which are discrete pieces of technology that provide high levels of supervision for numerous offenses. Most commonly, GPS monitoring is used for defendants awaiting trial who may be considered at risk for leaving the state or country.

GPS Monitoring Uses

GPS monitoring is typically used in conjunction with bail and an ankle bracelet to keep tabs on defendants and offenders. Most often, these monitoring devices provide supervision for domestic violence cases, home detention participants, DUI offenders, sex offenders, parolees, gang members, and pre-trial defendants.

A GPS monitoring program increases compliance among offenders, maximizes the efficiency of officers, and lowers jail and detention center populations. Ultimately, the taxpayer enjoys lower costs. It’s an investment in the safety of the community and rehabilitation of the offender.

Key Benefits of GPS Monitoring

If you or a family member have run afoul of the law, you may be offered the option of GPS monitoring in the form of an ankle bracelet. It is highly recommended to take this option. By undergoing GPS monitoring, you receive numerous benefits, including:

  • A possible bail reduction with the security of a house arrest device.
  • Defendants are released from jail or holding facilities to the comfort of their own home.
  • Restraining orders are easily enforced.
  • Sex offenders are monitored, complete with exclusion zones.
  • Ensure sobriety among DUI offenders.

PS monitoring is an innovative tool that helps officers keep track of offenders and defendants, and offenders have an opportunity to get their life back on track through monitoring.

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