Drug Testing

Atlantic Sureties is committed to upholding the highest quality standards for the community and local law enforcement agencies. As such, we offer drug testing procedures to ensure offenders and defendants remain within their legal requirements pre-trial, during parole, and while on probation. Our drug testing procedures are fast, accurate, and designed to meet the needs of law enforcement and the community.

Flexibility, Affordability, and Convenience

Adhering to strict no-drug policies is often a part of the parole process. A judge may also issue a zero-drug use policy for candidates going to trial. Atlantic Sureties will work directly with you to provide a comprehensive drug-screening solution. We can even customize our drug testing process to meet specific requirements, including the use of saliva, urine, or hair follicle testing. The results can then be delivered or faxed to the appropriate source for further consideration and approval.

Atlantic Sureties consistently offers competent test results, competitive pricing, and convenience!

Drug Testing

Court-ordered probation, parole, and pre-trial drug tests are becoming increasingly common. There are now more drug users than ever before, and law enforcement is having trouble keeping track of drug monitoring requirements within the community. Atlantic Sureties’ drug testing services ensure the standards of the court are upheld at all times. For instance, if a defendant is expected to undergo drug testing pre-trial and the test is failed, the court’s decisions may be more severe, or the case may be considered ‘open and shut’.

Atlantic Sureties is the leading name in drug testing in Florida. Schedule a drug testing screening today by calling (352) 742 -3512. We’ll set up an appointment promptly, perform the drug test, and have you on your way to the next step in life!