Ankle Bracelets GPS Monitoring Solutions

An ankle bracelet is the most common form of GPS monitoring for criminal offenders. Offenders who wear an ankle bracelet are often awaiting sentencing at trial or have been sentenced to house arrest, parole, or probation. The bracelet itself is worn day and night. The system allows legal officials and arresting officers to monitor both defendants and offenders. Further uses for ankle bracelets include monitoring alcohol consumption in a DUI case and undocumented immigrants who are facing deportation.

What Ankle Bracelets Do

An ankle bracelet is a form of GPS monitoring. As such, the unit transmits the location of the offender or defendant to an off-site monitoring system. If one were to attempt to remove the bracelet device, an alarm will be set off that notifies local law enforcement. Should the offender travel outside the designated location, such as the city/county/state, the alarm is triggered.

Alcohol Monitoring

Ankle bracelets are typically used for low-level, non-violent criminal offenses. The most common use is for a DUI case, in which alcohol consumption must be monitored around the clock. A judge may order the use of an ankle bracelet after a person is convicted of driving while under the influence of alcohol or other substances. Instead of facing jail time, the offender is forced to wear the bracelet and adhere to a strict schedule and travel zone.

On occasion, the ankle bracelet will test the user’s perspiration for signs of alcohol consumption. This information is then uploaded directly to a law enforcement database, where it is tracked by officers who may act on this information.

House Arrest

Any offender who is convicted of a low-level crime and placed on house arrest is fitted with an ankle bracelet. In the case of house arrest, an ankle bracelet from Atlantic Sureties will track the wearer’s location. The offender may be permitted to travel outside their home for work and school.

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